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Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Emilia Jeziórska - Pyzel | 2016-09-28 09:34:32
announcement, sale of process line equipment



concerning the sale of process line equipment

for a seamless pipe rolling mill based on

the Mannesmann system


The Management Board of Towarzystwo Finansowe Silesia Sp. z o.o. [limited-liability company] wishes to announce that Walcownia Rur Jedność Spółka z o.o. [a pipe rolling mill] can be acquired, under the principles stipulated in the Polish law, from the entity authorised to sell its assets. All the assets to be sold are free from any encumbrances (sale through enforcement procedures). The object of the sale shall include in particular the process line equipment for the seamless pipe rolling mill based on the Mannesmann system.

Any prospective investors may familiarise themselves with the detailed description of the object of the sale, available both in Polish and English, on the website of TF Silesia Sp. z o.o.:

In the course of the negotiations, prospective investors will have the opportunity to assess the condition of the assets to be purchased and become acquainted with the applicable documentation.

Responses to this announcement should be submitted in sealed envelopes, in two copies, either personally or via courier, within the non-extendable period not exceeding one month following the announcement publication, by 14:00 hours local time (GMT+1), to the following address:


Towarzystwo Finansowe Silesia Sp. z o.o.,

Sekretariat, ul. Ligocka 103, 40-568 Katowice, Poland.


This announcement does not constitute an offer or a bid submission invitation made by Towarzystwo Finansowe Silesia Sp. z o.o.


Should you have any queries in relation to this announcement, feel free to contact the TFS Board,

tel.: +48 32 494 5748, fax: +48 32 494 5756,



Prezentacja inwestycyjna WRJ
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