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Zakłady Azotowe PUŁAWY S.A.

added: Iwona Aleksandra Hałgas | 2017-02-15 12:16:41

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Zakłady Azotowe PUŁAWY S.A. have been the leader of the Polish fertilizer and chemical industry for 50 years. The company's location in Central Europe (Central-Eastern Poland), allows the company to have its presence on both the demanding EU market as well as other dynamically developing world markets. Nearly half of PUŁAWY's total production is exported. The company has been one of the largest Polish exporters for many years. The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since October 2005. In 2011, PUŁAWY acquired the Gdansk Phosphate Fertilizer Factory "FOSFORY" Ltd. In January 2012 PUŁAWY acquired the Chorzów Chemical Plants AZOTY - ADIPOL S.A. In April 2013, following the initiative of the Ministry of Treasury, the Puławy capital group and the Tarnów capital group completed their consolidation into a single capital group, bearing the name GRUPA AZOTY, which, apart from the companies mentioned above, is composed of the following business organizations: GZNF "Fosfory" Gdańsk Sp. z o.o. (ltd. co.) and Nitrogen Plant Chorzów S.A. (joint stock company), being part of the Puławy group, as well as of Chemical Industry Plant Police S.A. and Nitrogen Plant Kędzierzyn S.A., being part of the Tarnów group.


Oferta ZA Puławy SA
pdf | 988.89 KB
Kryteria ZA Puławy SA
pdf | 422.73 KB
Strefa ZA Puławy SA
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