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Department of Promotion, Commerce and Investment of the Embassy of the Republ...

Add : Emilia Jeziórska - Pyzel | 08.01.2018 Department of Promotion, Commerce and Investment of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Bern in liquidation

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Logistics Warehouse INTRALOMAG

Add : Emilia Jeziórska - Pyzel | 13.11.2017 Logistics, Warehouse, INTRALOMAG, Targi, Logistyki

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Add : Emilia Jeziórska - Pyzel | 24.10.2017 Expo Silesia Fair, Packaging Fair

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Add : Emilia Jeziórska - Pyzel | 24.10.2017 Bonding Technology Fair, ExpoBonding

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XVI International Zoological Fair

Add : Emilia Jeziórska - Pyzel | 16.08.2017 International, Zoological, Fair

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Trade and Furniture Center Expo Mazury S.A

Add : Emilia Jeziórska - Pyzel | 02.08.2017 Targi Meblowe, Expo Mazury

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Fast Textile Fair 2017 Ptak Warsaw Expo Invitation to the Event

During last year’s Fast Textile Fair, 350 companies from 27 countries displayed their products. The event was visited by over 24,000 people, including about 19,000 ones ready to acquire contracts and make orders – i.e. CEOs, directors and managers of large textile companies as well as purchasing specialists of the biggest clothing manufacturers. Moreover, we were visited by fashion designers, who sought various fabrics and accessories for their new collections. Add : Iwona Aleksandra Hałgas | 25.07.2017 wphi Berno, fast textile fair 2017

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International Trade Fair of Environmental Protection POL-ECO SYSTEM

Add : Iwona Aleksandra Hałgas | 11.07.2017 wphi Berno, pol-eco system

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POLAGRA-TECH - International Trade Fair of Food Technologies PAKFOOD Food I...

Add : Emilia Jeziórska - Pyzel | 30.06.2017 Polagra-Tech, Pakfood, 25-28.09.2017

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POLAGRA FOOD International Trade Fair For Food Products

Add : Emilia Jeziórska - Pyzel | 22.06.2017 Polagra Food, Targi, Poznań

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International Organic and Natural Food Fair NATURA FOOD and 5th Ecological Li...

Add : Emilia Jeziórska - Pyzel | 04.04.2017 International Organic, Natural Food, NATURA FOOD, Ecological, Lifestyle, beECO

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Add : Emilia Jeziórska - Pyzel | 31.03.2017 Subcontracting, ITM Polska, 3D Solutions, Modernlog

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WorldFood Warsaw

Add : Emilia Jeziórska - Pyzel | 14.03.2017 WorldFood, EcoFood, Warsaw, Food & Drink, Centrum EXPO XXI

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Add : Emilia Jeziórska - Pyzel | 15.02.2017 INVESTATE, POLAND, Ptak, Warsaw, Expo, International, Exhibition, Congress, Centre

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LUBDREW hosted the meeting of wood industry

Add : Emilia Jeziórska - Pyzel | 30.12.2016 LUBDREW hosted the meeting of wood industry

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XXXVII edition of LUBDOM Construction Fair

Add : Emilia Jeziórska - Pyzel | 30.12.2016 XXXVII edition of LUBDOM Construction Fair

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PTAK Warsaw Expo

Add : Emilia Jeziórska - Pyzel | 16.11.2016 Ptak Warsaw Expo, Central Agricultural Fair 2016

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19th BALTEXPO International Exhibition and conferences, 11-13 September 2017,...

BALTEXPO International Exhibition and Conference is the biggest and the oldest event in Poland among economic events related to broadly understood maritime economy: shipbuilding industry and its related parties, ports and logistics associated to the use of the maritime and inland waterways transportation and the security of coasts, ports and navigation. In connection with the new Polish economic development program, special emphasis is placed on the development of maritime industries, shipbuilding, offshore - extraction of oil and gas from under the seabed, the development of ports and port services as well as energy security in the maritime dimension. Exhibition and Conference is an excellent place to exchange views and establish economic relations aimed at economic cooperation between the countries. Add : Emilia Jeziórska - Pyzel | 02.08.2016 BALTEXPO International Exhibition and conferences, Gdańsk, Poland, targi

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Establish Business Cooperation

BONUS EUROTECH is active on the Polish and international markets since 1991. As a reliable, professional supplier and partner, Bonus Eurotech can offer modern production facilities to meet specific customers requirements. The company is continuously introducing new technologies and developing the production systems. The main objective is to offer our customers the highest quality, functionality and modernity of products and services. Add : Emilia Jeziórska - Pyzel | 25.07.2016 Establish, Business, Cooperation,

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