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INVESTMENT & COOPERATION OPPORTUNITIES Boilers, pellet, woodchips, biomass, coal

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Company name:

499-Piotr Holdenmajer

Area   of business (key words):

Boilers,   pellet, woodchips, biomass, coal

Contact   person:

Piotr   Holdenmajer




Prosta   137\4


44   – 203


 48 324270499




www   address:,


Other   contact data (if available)

Mobile   phone 48 603 499 459

Profile   (short description)

We are a trade company which helps international companies  buy Polish boilers. At present, we   cooperate with 21 countries. Our contacts with many owners of the Polish   boiler production plants allows us the possibility of negotiating very   favourable commercial conditions. You will be buying Polish boiler from us at   the prices which you will be offered directly in the plant. Why from us and   not in the plant. Buying from us, you will have  a reliable business partner in Poland ta   arrange almost everything with us. We will negotiate the conditions of cooperation   for you. We will speed up production deadlines. We will organize transport.   We provide spare parts. We will help in settling disputes. We care. Why is it   easier with us. Imagine that you need to buy 10 boilers in the plant. For the   plant you are just another client to buy 10 boilers. We buy many more in the   plants. We are perceived very seriously. This is why it is easier for us to   act on your behalf we treat the purchase of your 10 boilers very serious and   we regard you as a serious importer.

Confirm our credibility. Ask the plant about us. The name of our   company is 499 and the website is the business card with which we   are.